In Australia, we rely heavily on carers to care for our aged and disabled community. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics and other sources, there are approximately 2.7 million unpaid carers providing over 1 billion hours of care. So what support is available of those carers? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Financial support is available through Centrelink either as a Carer Payment which is asset and income tested or a Carer Allowance which is not asset and income tested. These are available to carers who provide more than 20 hours per week of care;
  2. The National Respite for Carers Program is a federal government program that provides respite for carers either in the home, in day programs or in a residential facility;
  3. Carers Australia is a not for profit organisation which provides specialist services across Australia for carers. These services include advice, counselling and information. You can also contact your State based Carer organisation such as Carers Victoria for local assistance and information;
  4. There are numerous illness specific organisations which provide information, support and assistance to carers of people suffering from that illness; for example, Alzheimers Australia.

The carer needs to ensure that they take a break and take care of themselves because if they are not caring for themselves, they cannot care for others.

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