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How to spend mindfully this Christmas

Some ways to manage your money and your time this festive season. It’s the morning after the night before. You wake up on Boxing Day and stumble into the lounge room to face what looks like…Armageddon. There’s wrapping paper strewn all over the floor, every surface is covered with toys and knick-knacks that seemed like […]

What lenders look for in your everyday spending

Article by Stephanie Aikins     www.nestegg.com.au With comprehensive credit reporting now common, tightening lending practices and open banking set to come in next year, the landscape of applying for finance is rapidly changing. Nest Egg spoke with an established mortgage broker to find out how consumers’ spending habits can impact their capacity to access finance. Never […]

How do you score on money basics?

Higher financial literacy could be your ticket to wealth. by Renu Prasad  (www.yourmoney.com.au/wealth/personal-finance/how-do-you-score-on-money-basics)   Your Money contributor Welcome to our new quiz show, where everyday Australians have a chance to pit their wits against the average American. Today’s topic is money management, and you’re in the hot seat. Here’s your first question: You have $100 in […]

Protect yourself from identity theft on social media.

Social media platforms allow us to stay connected to family and friends that we don’t get to see every day, but they also allow hackers and identity thieves to gain access to our personal information. In the last few years, there has been a rise in identity theft cases that started from social media platforms. It’s […]

What to do when you’ve been a victim of credit card fraud

Credit card fraud on the rise Card fraud has been on the increase, more than doubling to $2.1 billion during 2014-15 from $1 billion in 2010-11, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures. Credit cards are targeted more than debit cards. The good news is that in most cases you won’t be liable for […]

13 common sense tips to help manage your finances

  Introduction A few months ago Reserve Bank Governor Phillip Lowe provided four common sense points we should all keep in mind regarding borrowing to finance a home. (The Governor’s speech can be found here). I thought they made sense and so summarised them in a tweet to which someone replied that every checkout operator knows […]

Would you like to retire by 40?

Many younger Australians are joining the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement. Is it right for you? When you’re starting out in the workforce and building your career, retirement can seem like a long way away. And with the age at which you can access your super and age pension creeping up—not to mention the increasing cost of living—you […]

Where the smart money is buying as property prices fall

The next ‘it’ suburbs are often those where renovators are hunting for bargains. Falling property prices are creating more opportunities for investors, first-home buyers and growing families considering whether to buy, renovate or detonate the dwelling in their dream postcode. Analysis of the nation’s capitals shows pockets of value in prestigious postcodes, the next generation […]