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Dividends, franking credits and retirement income goals

By Jeff Rogers Previous Chief Investment Officer, ipac (retired)   The Labor Party’s proposal to eliminate cash refunds for excess franking credits continues to generate lots of discussion by self-funded retirees and members of self-managed super funds (SMSFs) even after some refinements that narrow its impact. The stated policy intention is to broaden the tax […]

How to avoid some of the credit card traps

By Noel Whittaker | 15 March 2019 See why credit cards can create issues for travelers, families and retirees alike. Love them or hate them, the fact remains that credit cards are a necessity for most people. You can hardly book accommodation, airfares or a rental car without them and they take the worry out […]


By Flying Solo contributor John Refalo For many people starting a business is a dream but, at the same time, a significant risk when not done properly. While we see a number of clients citing issues with the Tax Office as the catalyst for problems that upend them, there’s many reasons why a business can fail. Let’s […]

Why I still love dividends and you should love them too

By Dr Shane Oliver – Head of Investment Strategy and Economics and Chief Economist, AMP Capital | 4 Mar 2019 Key points Dividends are great for investors. They augur well for earnings growth, provide a degree of security in uncertain times, are likely to comprise a relatively high proportion of returns going forward and provide […]

Putting superannuation on your list of resolutions for 2019

By Bianca Hartge-Hazelman | 27 Feb 2019 What’s a resolution you’ve made for 2019? Put sorting superannuation on your list to boost your retirement savings this year If closing the retirement savings gap in superannuation is high on your New Year’s resolution list, then there are probably a good dozen or so things that you […]

6 things to avoid as a newbie investor

Whatever your age, if you’re thinking of dabbling in investments like shares, managed funds or cryptocurrencies, here are a few things to steer clear of. You might be looking to invest your money in something (whether it be shares, manage funds or cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin) for a variety of reasons. You may have money […]

Swans, bunnies and rhinos – economic terminology explained

By Nader Naeimi Head of Dynamic Markets and Portfolio Manager of Dynamic Markets FundSydney, Australia In a recent address to senior Chinese Communist Party officials, President Xi Jinping warned of the threat posed by “black swans” and “grey rhinos”. They are both terms that have entered popular use over the last decade to describe perceptions of […]

7 tips to improve your financial health

With financial stress impacting one in five Aussie workers, see what steps you could take to improve your financial wellbeing. Some days you might feel confident you can meet your needs within the boundaries of your current income, whereas other days you may feel like you don’t have nearly enough funds in order to do […]

5 steps to help you figure out your passion

Need a new reason to get up in the morning? Enrich your life by finding and developing your next passion, with tips from psychology researcher Angela Duckworth. Ever watch The Great British Bake-off? It’s an addictive reality TV show about the hunt for Britain’s best amateur baker. Few of the contestants cook for a living — […]